Be the Green Envy of your Neighbours!
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If it's Renewable/Alternative Energy, Specialist LED Lighting or
Greener than Green Hydrogen you are looking for...
look no further than Fuel Cells Africa!
We’ve been around since 1996, still growing with a solid foundation!
Together with our associated highly reputable companies, we can offer a full range of Product solutions.

But for now, let's talk HYDROGEN!

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Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table.
It is the simplest possible atom composed of one proton in the nucleus and a single electron.
Is the lightest of the elements
Is the most abundant element in the universe.
It is so obvious that we have ignored it for a long time….
but not anymore....
"The Hydrogen market currently represents a market size of US$200Billion,
expected to grow to US$1,5Trillion by 2050!"
Fuel Cells Africa is privileged to be associated with a Ground breaking, Patented Plasma Enhanced Gasification Technology Company....
The technology produces Greener than Green Hydrogen at 99.9999% purity, from any kind of waste - paper to plastics, tyres to textiles,
it reallychanges the game, and the world, by solving two global crises; climate change and waste pollution!
It is the only Company in the world producing the greenest hydrogen at scale that is cost competitive with the cheapest carbon-intensive hydrogen made from fossil fuels! 
The technology has been vetted and validated, technically and financially, by leading global institutions


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Reg No:1996/017668/23
VAT Reg No: 4680239805

Biomass, Biodiesel and Hydrogen Products

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Plasma Technology

Power Solutions

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